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Aqua-concept launches bio-succinic acid based anti-freeze

Germany-headed aqua concept GmbH, a developer and provider of technologies for water treatment, engine cooling, heat transfer and corrosion protection has announced the launch of "coracon LT EKO", an innovative and environmentally friendly family of liquid coolants based on BioAmber's bio-succinic acid.

Marketed as antifreeze or brine, aqua-concept says that its “coracon” provides several performance advantages over existing alternatives including low viscosity, high pumpability, very low freezing temperatures, remarkable thermo-physical and heat exchange properties, food approval and high corrosion protection.

A specific neutralisation process helps to develop an excellent frost protection property that also protects from corrosion. Unlike acetate- and formate-based coolants, it is not aggressive to materials, in particular in combination with oxygen. The product excels in lower viscosity than glycol-based fluids, uses significantly less energy and cuts costs to a minimum with very good heat transfer down to –50°C.

Since aqua concept was founded, providing the best-in-class solutions while working to protect the environment has been a central theme in our company’s culture. This innovation would not have happened without our partnership with BioAmber, that enabled us to engineer a unique product, that is both high performing and complying with our own stringent environmental code. We foresee a successful commercialization for this product family that will bring better solutions to our customers and the market in general, explained Ronald Klukas, Head of Heat Transfer Fluids Competence Center at aqua concept.

With its positive ecological and physiological rating, coracon LT EKO is suitable for all commercial and private systems, technical and food applications, and is particularly effective for very low-temperature environments such as cold stores, wind tunnels and deep-freeze counters.

Aqua concept is a great example of an innovating company that leveraged our best-in-class bio-succinic acid to design unique, eco-friendly products and solutions. It has been a pleasure joining forces and working with aqua concept. Their strong technological expertise, market experience, and dedication to developing sustainable solutions have been instrumental for the success of this joint project, said Will Raymond, Sales Manager of BioAmber.

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