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Sulapac and Kultakeskus announce exclusive packaging cooperation

In Finland, start-up sustainable packaging developer Sulapac Oy has announced that it is to begin collaborating with compatriot jewellery and silverware company Kultakeskus Oy. As part of the collaboration, Sulapac has designed fully biodegradable jewellery cases that will be used to showcase selected designs from the prestigious Kohinoor range of diamond jewellery.

Sulapac and Kultakeskus are cooperating to produce exclusive sustainable wood-based non-plastic cases for high-end jewellery (photo courtesy Sulapac).

Kultakeskus a leading jewellery and silverware company in Finland and is celebrating its centenary anniversary in 2018. In honour of this milestone, the company is looking forward to the next century with a focus on the company values of authenticity, purity and sustainable manufacturing.

In line with these values, Kultakeskus is seeking ways to reduce plastic waste and improve environmental awareness, making this collaboration with Sulapac the ideal next step in its journey.

By paying attention to the packaging materials used, companies from many different industries can have a huge influence on the amount of plastic waste that is produced. By teaming up with Sulapac, we can combine environmental responsibility and modern design, and showcase our Kohinoor products in luxury packaging that does not place any burden on the environment, said Ilkka Ruohola, Chairman, Kultakeskus.

The new jewellery cases will be introduced at PCD Paris, Europe’s premier expert innovation event for the cosmetic packaging industry. The new cases will be available in stores in April 2018 for selected Kohinoor designs.

The timeless, hand-crafted jewellery designed by Kultakeskus is sustainable in that it is passed down from generation to generation, so it makes perfect sense that they are packaged in an equally sustainable case that will have no harmful impact on the environment for future generations, said Suvi Haimi, CEO, and Co-founder, Sulapac.


Founded in 2016, Sulapac is a fully biodegradable packaging material made of renewable and sustainable raw materials including woodchips.

The products are designed for brands that want to eliminate plastic waste and demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability through the use of premium ecological packaging.

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