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Biofuels are becoming the principal technology for transport decarbonisation

Biofuels are the principal solution to emission reductions in the transport sector for decades ahead, Climate Ethanol Alliance highlighted in delivering its message to key stakeholders at COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

“Fill ’er up please”, another tanker truck filling up a payload of ethanol produced in Hungary by Pannonia Ethanol, Europe’s largest and most modern US-style corn-to-ethanol production plant

In its Renewables 2017 report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggests that biofuels will supply 93 percent of the global renewable energy consumed in road transportation by 2022.

In its Renewable 2017 report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggests that globally, biofuels will supply a remarkable 93 percent of the global renewable energy consumed in road travel by 2022, even with the addition of more electric vehicles (EV). Over that same period, global biofuel production is expected to increase at least 16 percent.

By 2050, biofuels will deliver 42 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) savings in transport according to the IEA, confirming the position of biofuels as the principal technology in transport decarbonisation.

Ireland-headed Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd (EERL) recently founded the Climate Ethanol Alliance (CEA), designed to bring together bioethanol producers for the promotion of climate action and the accelerated transition of the transport sector towards low carbon. EERL operates the largest ethanol biorefinery in Europe and is a partner of UN Climate Change in COP23.

For COP23 we initiated the Climate Ethanol Alliance, bringing together leading maize ethanol producers from America and Europe, to demonstrate how our safe climate friendly fuel works in today’s cars. Ethanol reduces GHG emissions by on average 50 percent compared to oil, said Mark Turley, CEO, EERL.

Supporters of EERL’s initiative are Marquis Energy, a leading US producer, Growth Energy a US ethanol trade association, Almagest a Bulgarian ethanol producer and Envien Group, a producer from Slovakia.

Marquis Energy is a leading US producer of ethanol.  We are very pleased to support EERL in the Climate Ethanal Alliance.  Many of the world’s developed economies have adopted ethanol as a replacement for fossil fuel in cars. Most of the transport decarbonisation achieved in the past decade has been from ethanol. Ethanol is the leading and lowest cost technology for the urgent task of decarbonising transport. Energy experts predict that ethanol and other good biofuels will be the dominant technology in reducing transport GHG emissions for decades ahead, said Mark Marquis, CEO of Marquis Energy during a session at COP23.

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