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Preem gains ISCC certification

Sweden's largest oil refiner and transportation fuel producer Preem AB has announced that it is now certified according to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for sustainable biofuels. The certification further confirms that Preem's products meet the requirements of the EU's directive on promoting the use of energy from renewable energy sources.

With ISCC certification Preem can demonstrate sustainability along the value chain (photo courtesy Preem).

According to Preem, future energy supply is dependent on the sustainable production of biofuels. However, supply chains are complex and affect the environment in different ways and are why certification is an effective way of demonstrating the sustainability of biofuels and biomass throughout the supply chain. ISCC is a global certification scheme.

The certification is carried out by DNV GL and since ISCC is a global certification system, it strengthens Preem’s export business.

Preem is one of Sweden’s largest export companies. Certification means that we confirm that the bioproducts and products we buy and sell further meet the EU’s requirements for the use of renewable energy sources and that our competitiveness is strengthened in Sweden and abroad, said Nadja Paz, Sustainability Manager at Preem.

The ISCC focuses on tracking and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) along the value chain, sustainable land use, natural habitat protection and social sustainability for commodity production.

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