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Swedish government puts SEK 100 million towards developing green aviation fuel

Aviation accounts for about two percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At the same time, the supply of sustainable alternatives to fossil aviation fuel is very small. To address this the Swedish government has recently instructed the Swedish Energy Agency to work towards developing production and increasing the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

The Swedish government has allocated SEK 100 million to help stimulate the development and production of forest-derived sustainable aviation biofuels.

Sweden has good conditions for the sustainable production of aviation biofuels, especially from the forest. Now we are strengthening the conditions for those companies that want to take care of the business opportunities with green aviation fuel, said Minister for Industry and Innovation Mikael Damberg in a statement.

The government has allocated SEK 100 million (≈ EUR 9.5 million) to the Swedish Energy Agency to make it more attractive to develop biojet fuels from Swedish forest raw materials. The mission includes providing funding for supporting research and development of sustainable aviation biofuels and setting up an innovation cluster that brings together the entire value chain and which develops a common needs analysis to cope with the transition to fossil free aviation.

Sweden will be one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare countries and a pioneer country for reducing climate emissions. Now we clearly include the aviation sector in that transition, said Environment Minister Karolina Skog.

The final report of the assignment shall be submitted to the Ministry of Industry by March 31, 2021, at the latest.

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