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EnviTec boosts stake in biogas plant operations

EnviTec Biogas adds another 500 kW in plant operations as it takes a 50 percent stake in a biogas plant in Passin, Germany.

Germany-based biogas technology provider and plant operator EnviTec Biogas AG has announced that it is “boosting company-owned operations” by taking a 50 percent stake in a 500 kW biogas plant in Passin. The plant was originally built by EnviTec in 2008 to run on a mix of corn silage and cattle slurry for farming duo Siegfried and Rainer Bretting. A new operating company, Biogas Passin GmbH & Co. KG, has been set up in which the Brettings each have a 25 percent stake and EnviTec Biogas has 50 percent.

– We look forward to working with the Bretting family and know that, with them, we have experienced operators on our side. For the future, we already plan on installing a dryer starting in 2017. Additional investments in the area of heat utilisation and catalysts are still outstanding, said Olaf von Lehmden, CEO, EnviTec Biogas in a statement.

Operation of biogas plants has been a firm business strategy component of EnviTec since 2007 and currently the company has operational interests in almost 59 MW of installed capacity.


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