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Everbright Water wins Shandong Ji'nan Huashan wastewater treatment project

Hong Kong headed water environment management company China Everbright Water Ltd, a subsidiary of China Everbright International Ltd has announced that it recently won the bid for the Shandong Ji'nan Huashan wastewater treatment project (Huashan project) in China.

According to a statement, the Huashan Project will be invested in and operated on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, with a total investment of approximately RMB120 million (≈ US$ 17.86 million). With a concession period of 30 years, the Project is expected to complete construction and commence operation in 2018.

Huashan Project will be an underground wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with a designed daily treatment capacity of 30 000m3, providing services to Huashan District in Ji’nan City. The Project will adopt AAO-MBR (Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic-Membrane Bio-Reactor) process to primarily treat municipal wastewater from the Huashan District.

The treated water from this project will comply with the national Grade 1A standard according to the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002), with some of the discharge indicators following the Surface Water Quality Standard (GB3838-2002) for Category IV.

An underground wastewater treatment facility occupies less space, saves land resources, and its construction requires advanced technology. Huashan Project marks Everbright Water’s first underground waste water treatment project. It will be undertaken by a professional team with tailored cutting-edge technologies according to the unique requirements of this facility to enable it to comply with high discharge standard, achieve green development and energy conservation, and become well integrated with the landscaping design above the ground. We will harness the advanced technologies to mark this project as another high-quality landmark project, said An Xuesong, Executive Director and CEO of Everbright Water in a statement.

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