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Gasum awarded SEK 121.5 million investment grant for industrial biogas to liquefied biomethane project

Gasum AB, the Swedish subsidiary of Finland-headed gas major Gasum Oy has recently revealed that it has been awarded an investment grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for a project to produce, upgrade and liquefy biogas from industrial wastewater.

One of Gasum AB’s agricultural biogas plant with upgrading facility in Sweden.

Gasum is in the finishing stages of a study regarding the production of biogas from wastewater off the Stora Enso Nymölla Mill, a pulp and paper mill in the south of Sweden belonging to global forest industry major Stora Enso. The aim for Gasum is to produce biogas that will be upgraded and liquefied for use primarily in the transport sectors in Sweden.

Gasum foresees rapidly increasing demand for liquefied biogas in the Swedish heavy-duty vehicle sector as well as in the maritime transport sector.

Gasum’s Nymölla project has been granted an investment subsidy of SEK 121.5 million (≈ EUR 12.4 million) by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) under the Climate Leap (‘Klimatklivet’) programme.

The total investment volume of the project is around  EUR 27 million and Gasum is now proceeding into the investment decision phase of the project.

We’d like to thank the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for the positive investment support decision. This will support our efforts to make the circular economy reality with the Stora Enso Nymölla Pulp and Paper mill. The biogas plant will be a sustainable solution for the processing of wastewater, said Markus Olsson, Managing Director of Gasum AB.

Gasum and partners process waste and produce biogas in Finland and Sweden and the company is a leading producer and distributor of biogas, biomethane and liquefied biomethane (LBG) as well as fossil gas in the Nordic countries.

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