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Malmberg to supply biogas upgrading unit to VafabMiljö

Sweden-headed wastewater treatment and biogas technology providers MalmbergGruppen AB has recently announced that its subsidiary Malmberg Water AB (Malmberg) has been selected by compatriot VafabMiljö Kommunalförbund in Västerås to supply a biogas upgrading unit to its biogas plant.

Malmberg will supply a biogas upgrading unit to VafabMiljö’s biogas plant in Västerås, Sweden (photo courtesy VafabMiljö).

VafabMiljö is a municipal association formed by the municipalities in Västmanland County and the municipalities of Heby and Enköping. Commissioned in 2006, the biogas plant can treat approximately 18 000 tonnes of food waste from households, commercial kitchens, and restaurants, approximately 3 500 tonnes of sludge from grease separators and approximately 1 500 tonnes of packaged and unpackaged food waste.

The delivery includes a Malmberg COMPACT GR 6 with a capacity to upgrade 700 Nm3 per hour of biogas to biomethane. The upgraded gas will be used for vehicle fuel. The plant is planned to be commissioned in the spring of 2021.

It feels incredibly gratifying to be able to deliver a biogas upgrade plant to VafabMiljö. The biogas debate is underway in earnest in Sweden and biogas is needed for a circular society. Organic and agricultural waste is a huge source of energy that should not be wasted. Creating value for the customer and at the same time delivering a sustainable solution that develops their business is always a priority for us at Malmberg. In addition, our solution was 15–20 percent lower in price per upgraded Nm3 gas compared to our competitors, said Marco Selicorni, Malmberg.

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