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Nature Energy acquires Bånlev Biogas

Danish biogas major NGF Nature Energy A/S (Nature Energy) has announced that it has acquired compatriot Bånlev Biogas A/S, a biogas plant located in Trige, west of Aarhus. Effective as of July 5, 2019, the plant is the tenth operational Nature Energy biogas plant in Denmark consolidating its position as one of the largest biogas producers in Europe.

Danish biogas major NGF Nature Energy A/S (Nature Energy) has acquired compatriot Bånlev Biogas A/S, a plant located in Trige, west of Aarhus. The acquisition marks the tenth operational facility in the company’s portfolio (photo courtesy Nature Energy).

One of the larger plants in Denmark, Bånlev Biogas receives approximately 150 000 tonnes of manure and organic residues per annum leading to the production of 8 million Nm3 of biogas.

Bånlev Biogas is a good fit for Nature Energy because it is a good size and because it is located in East Jutland, where we are not otherwise represented. We look forward to making the plant a modern Nature Energy plant and further boosting the production of biogas, which is an important leg of Denmark’s green transition and crucial for us as a country to achieve our climate goals. Bånlev Biogas is ideally placed to receive household waste from Aarhus and other large cities in the area and convert it into green and CO2-neutral gas, said Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy.

Expansion planned

The East Jutland biogas plant is planned to be expanded to receive 185 000 tonnes of manure and organic residual products in the future. This requires large investments in the plant, which Nature Energy is ready to make.

A number of local farmers are part-owners of the newly established supplier company Bånlev Aps, which will own a 10 percent stake in Bånlev Biogas, and Nature Energy the remaining 90 percent.

We farmers look forward to working with Nature Energy to produce CO2-neutral gas without impacting the environment, and that we can thus contribute to the green transition. It’s a good day for Bånlev Biogas and Denmark’s green transition. We have no doubt that Nature Energy is the right one to bring Bånlev Biogas into the future. It requires investment and an even greater focus on development and economies of scale to reduce costs and product development. It has been important to us that the buyer of Bånlev Biogas is a responsible owner who invests heavily in the green conversion and operates biogas at a completely different level than historically, said Ove Christoffersen, Chairman of the Board of Bånlev Biogas.

New investments in the pipeline

With the acquisition of Bånlev Biogas, Nature Energy passes a milestone, as it will be the tenth operational biogas plant in its portfolio, and more are on the way. In February 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony marked construction start for the Glansager project in the municipality of Sønderborg.

In addition, planning approval has been received for the Kværs project, also in Sønderborg as well as the Köng project in the municipality of Vordingborg.

We are ready to continue to invest massively in Denmark’s green conversion by building modern biogas plants that produce CO2-neutral gas without disturbing the environment. We are both ready to build more new plants in Denmark and to invest in existing plants. In addition, there is great interest in biogas internationally, where we also have growth ambitions, revealed Ole Hvelplund.

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