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Showroom launch of Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel

Held in a Volvo Cars showroom in fashionable downtown Stockholm, Sweden, the new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel was launched by Volvo Cars Sweden together with representatives from Westport Fuel Systems along with biomethane stakeholders E.ON, AGA, FordonsGas, Göteborg Energi and Energigas Sverige.

Showroom launch of Volvo's premium (bio)methane fuelled V90 Bi Fuel.

Showroom launch of Volvo’s premium (bio)methane fuelled V90 Bi-Fuel.

Announced in late June by Volvo Cars Sweden, the new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel is a premium model and is based on a Volvo’s own self-produced T5 four-cylinder gasoline engine. The T5 has 254 horsepower and a torque of 350 Nm. The V90 is kitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The gas tank has a capacity 18 kg giving it a range of 400 km on gas alone. In addition, the car’s gasoline fuel tank holds 55 litres. The environmental performance for the new V90 Bi Fuel has yet to be finalised, but is estimated to be at the same level as its predecessor, the Volvo V70. This would mean 120 grams CO2 per kilometre when operating on fossil methane dropping to 40 grams when operating on 100 percent biomethane.

– For us the new V90 Bi-Fuel will be an important model for taxis but also as a company car for those companies that have a strong environmental policy and profile, said Fredrik Isakson, Head of Business Sales for Volvo Cars Sweden back in June.

According to Volvo, Sweden is one the first introductory markets for the new model, as well as Belgium and Luxembourg. More markets may follow later.

– Biogas is a key fuel to reduce transport’s dependence on fossil fuels. The new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel is therefore well suited for those who want an environmental alternative in the premium class. The governments proposal for a bonus-malus system presented in April, must take into account the real impact on the climate. The government’s forthcoming proposal on the bonus-malus system must therefore promote real green cars such as gas vehicles, said Maria Malmkvist, CEO of Energigas Sverige (Swedish Gas Association) during the launch.

Canadian fuel system

Production of the new model is expected to begin during the autumn and a core technology is the direct injection system supplied by technology partner Westport Fuel Systems. Based in Vancouver, Canada the company is a global developer and supplier of gas injection systems for combustion engines. In Sweden, Westport Fuel has its own installation facility inside the Volvo Torslanda car assembly plant in Gothenburg.

Representing Canadian interest in Volvo's V90 Bi-Fuel launch, Ambassador to Sweden Kenneth Macartney in the driver's seat together with Westport Fuels Systems CEO Nancy Gougarty and COO Andrea Alghisi.

Representing Canadian interest in Volvo’s V90 Bi-Fuel launch, Ambassador to Sweden Kenneth Macartney in the driver’s seat together with Westport Fuels Systems CEO Nancy Gougarty and COO Andrea Alghisi.

The showroom launch continues with Malmö and Gothenburg next on the agenda.


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