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Blue Biofuels makes first cellulosic ethanol

Blue Biofuels makes first cellulosic ethanol
A schematic of Blue Biofuels' proprietary cellulose-to-sugars (CTS) conversion process (graphic courtesy Blue Biofuels).

In the United States (US), cellulose-to-sugars technology developer Blue Biofuels, Inc., has announced a "significant milestone" by successfully producing its first batch of cellulosic ethanol, utilizing the cellulosic sugars created from biomass on its Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) pilot line.

Bolstering its technological leadership, Blue Biofuels has been granted two US Patents, with an additional six patents currently pending.

According to the company, these patents underscore its commitment to proprietary advancements, strongly positioning it in the biofuels landscape as it expands its patent portfolio while continuing to upscale and commercialize its process.

Entering into the next phase, Blue Biofuels has embarked on the funding process to establish production capacity for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in collaboration with Vertimass.

The company is evaluating prospective locations in Florida capable of accommodating both SAF and cellulosic ethanol production facilities.

Building upon existing partnerships, Blue Biofuels is also engaged in multiple discussions to expand its off-take agreements for biofuels.

In addition to its established off-take arrangement with World Energy Sustainable Products, LLC, it remains “committed to forging new partnerships to meet the growing market demand for sustainable energy solutions.”

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