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Boeing secures SAF to support its US Commercial Airplanes business

Boeing secures SAF to support its US Commercial Airplanes business
Boeing ecoDemonstrator in flight (photo courtesy Boeing).

US-headed global aircraft major Boeing has agreed to purchase 7.5 million (US) gallons (≈ 28.4 million litres) over of blended "Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel" in 2024 to support its US Commercial Airplanes business operations in reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The volume of Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is part of Boeing’s total purchase of 9.4 million gallons ( ≈ 35.6 million litres) of blended SAF, representing Boeing’s largest annual SAF purchase to date, 60 percent more than in 2023.

As our focus remains on safety and quality, sustainability continues to be a priority. Sustainable aviation fuel is essential to decarbonize aviation. About 20 percent of our fuel usage is an SAF blend, and we continue to increase our use of this fuel to encourage growth in the SAF industry. We are also working to make SAF more available and affordable to our commercial airline customers through collaboration, investment, research, and policy development, said Ryan Faucett, VP of Environmental Sustainability at Boeing.

The fuel blend consisting of 30 percent SAF, made from renewable waste and residue raw materials such as used cooking oil (UCO), and 70 percent conventional jet fuel, will be supplied to Boeing by independent suppliers EPIC Fuels LLC, and Avfuel Corporation to support the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program and Boeing’s US Commercial Airplanes operational flights through 2024.

Sustainable aviation fuel is a key lever to reduce aviation emissions. Working together with aviation sector leaders like Boeing is crucial in accelerating SAF usage and production. We are proud to support their efforts working together with our partners EPIC Fuels and Avfuel, said Carrie Song, SVP Commercial, Renewable Products at Neste.

Direct supply and Book-and-Claim

The total volume of blended SAF purchased will be supplied to Boeing’s commercial operations directly or through a Book-and-Claim system.

Boeing will receive 4 million gallons (≈ 15.1 million litres) of blended SAF produced by Neste in its fuel farms in the Pacific Northwest.

EPIC Fuels, a Signature Aviation company, will supply 2.5 million gallons (≈ 9.5 million litres) and Avfuel will provide 1.5 million gallons (≈ 5.7 million litres) of blended SAF from Neste respectively.

Boeing will also purchase SAF certificates corresponding to the emission reduction provided by the use of 3.5 million gallons (≈ 13.25 million litres) of blended SAF produced by Neste through a Book-and-Claim system.

Book-and-Claim is an accounting process in which a company purchases SAF certificates to displace conventional jet fuel.

Instead of putting the fuel into a Boeing fuel farm, distributors will deliver it to nearby airports for use by airlines and other carriers ensuring the corresponding SAF use and related GHG emission reductions.

Based on Boeing’s Book-and-Claim purchases, EPIC Fuels will supply the 3.5 million gallons (≈ 13.25 million litres) of blended SAF.

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