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DBC Invest acquires stake in Sønderjysk Biogas Invest

Vestjyllands Andel subsidiary Danish Bio Commodities Invest (DBC Invest) has acquired a stake in the Sønderjysk Biogas Invest (SBI) fund, which owns 50 percent of Sønderjysk Biogas Bevtoft A/S."We have been in dialogue with Sønderjysk Biogas Invest for a while and are happy to be part of the owners. We see good development opportunities in the plant and would like to see an even closer partnership with the plant in the future", said Rune Ledgaard Sørensen, Director of DBC Invest.

Vestjyllands Andel subsidiary Danish Bio Commodities Invest (DBC Invest) has acquired a stake in the Sønderjysk Biogas Invest fund, which owns 50 percent of Sønderjysk Biogas Bevtoft A/S (photo courtesy Sønderjysk Biogas).

Danish Bio Commodities (DBC), is a recently formed company jointly set-up in Jutland, Denmark by Vestjyllands Andel, Jysk Energi, and Langfristet Erhvervsfinansiering, to provide advice to Danish farm-based biogas plants and assist in the certification of the plants and trade of green gas certificates.

Last month DBC Invest, the investment arm of DBC revealed that it made its first investment by taking a majority position in Grauballegaard Biogas followed by a position in Sindal Biogas.

A major Danish biogas player

Sønderjysk Biogas is a major player in the Danish biogas industry, and with the ongoing expansion, an even greater potential is created for the plant. We would like to take advantage of this potential in collaboration with the owners. At the same time, the investment in Sønderjysk Biogas Invest is a natural extension of Vestjyllands Andel’s increasing involvement in the South and South Jutland area, just as it is in line with our general sustainability strategy, said Steen Bitsch, Director of Vestjyllands Andel.

Commissioned in 2016, Sønderjysk Biogas is currently in the process of a major expansion of the plant in Bevtoft. Once completed, the plant is expected to be able to process approximately 1 million tonnes of biomass and produce approximately 42 million Nm3 of upgraded biogas, biomethane.

We warmly welcome them and look forward to having a partner who caters to such a broad segment as is the case with DBC Invest. At the same time, it is a visionary company that wants to take advantage of the various synergies in the industry – the grass protein project is a good example of this, said Erling Christensen, Chairman of the Board of Sønderjysk Biogas Invest.

Christensen also pointed out that DBC Invest and Sønderjysk Biogas Invest are a good match from a value perspective.

The owners of DBC Invest are strongly rooted in the cooperative movement, which speaks directly into our DNA. At Sønderjysk Biogas Invest, we want as large a local commitment as possible on the ownership side, and we operate on the principle of “Danish money in Danish pockets”, Erling Christensen said.

This is in line with the general philosophy of Danish Bio Commodities, including DBC Invest, and Christensen also suggested the possibility of even closer collaboration may become relevant in the long term should the opportunity arise.

The agreement with Sønderjysk Biogas Invest further confirms us in the interest that the biogas industry shows for DBC Invest and our business model. In addition to the three preliminary investments, we are in close dialogue with several other facilities, with which we hope to establish cooperation in the long term. In this way, we create fertile ground for further synergies, which will contribute to the development of the individual plant and Danish biogas production in general, concluded Niels Brøndsted, CFO of Jysk Energi.

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