Here you will find slideshows, audio and videos.

Slidshow from Messe Frankfurts ISH 2019 in Frankfurt Germany

Slidshow from ACI Lignofuels Conference in Oslo Norway, February 2019

Slidshow from Nordic Pellets Conference 2019 in Varberg, Sweden

Slidshow from Advanced Biofuels Conference 2018 in Gothenburg Sweden

Slidshow from Expobiomasa 2017

Slidshow from Elmia Wood 2017

Bioenergy International’s International Women’s Day 2017

Slideshow from UK AD & Biogas, July 2016.

Slideshow from IWBweek, 24-26 May 2016, Stockholm, Sweden.

Slideshow Bioenergy International 2015 year in review.

Slideshow from study visit to Latgran pellet plant during Nordic Baltic Bioenergy, 14-16 April 2015, Riga, Latvia.


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