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Electrochaea sets new bioreactor industry standard

Electrochaea sets new bioreactor industry standard
BioCat plant near Copenhagen, Denmark. Electrochaea is setting a new industry standard for maximum resource efficiency, hardware reuse, and multiple-purpose bioreactor technology (photo courtesy Electrochaea).

Germany-headed power-to-gas (PtG) technology developer Electrochaea GmbH has announced that it has sold one of its BioCat design bioreactors to the Danish Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) company AGAIN based in Copenhagen. With the sale of the reactor and its successful commissioning, Electrochaea is setting a new industry standard for maximum resource efficiency, hardware reuse, and multiple-purpose bioreactor technology.

Electrochaea is known for its pathbreaking biotechnology producing carbon dioxide (CO2)-neutral synthetic methane from industrial CO2 and hydrogen to substitute fossil natural gas.

The e-methane can be used as a fossil-free alternative for liquefied natural gas (LNG). For this, the company has harnessed the natural biocatalytic properties of archaea, billion years old microorganisms.

Electrochaea’s strategic investors include renowned companies in the energy industry, such as Baker Hughes and Engie.

From the beginning, it was important to the Electrochaea team not to develop single-purpose bioreactors, but efficient and versatile reactors.

According to Electrochaea, the sale of the BioCat reactor to AGAIN now proves the advantages of this approach.

Commercial-scale power-to-gas

The BioCat reactor is a prototype for the commercial-scale power-to-gas (PtG) demonstration BioCat project in the Copenhagen region.

At commissioning, the plant was the world’s largest power-to-gas facility based on biological methanation.

Electrochaea operated the plant to demonstrate commercial-scale biological methanation and grid injection of synthetic methane from raw biogas and CO2 inputs.

The plant’s methanation benchmarks and performance were certified by ETA-Danmark A/S and FORCE Technology under the European ETV process, before sale to AGAIN.

Together with AGAIN, we have put the valuable hardware to a second use. This is extremely attractive both economically and ecologically. We are committed to ensuring that the reuse and recyclability of industrial equipment is no longer an exception but becomes the norm. By acquiring the Electrochaea´s bioreactor, AGAIN has gained a valuable asset to enhance its research and development endeavors. An absolute win-win situation, said Dr Doris Hafenbradl, Managing Director and CTO at Electrochaea.

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