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Energifabriken acquires Ecobränsle and invests in Swedish biofuel production

In Sweden, biofuels supplier and distributor Energifabriken AB have announced that it has acquired compatriot Ecobränsle i Karlshamn AB (Ecobränsle). The new wholly renewable fuel company gains Sweden's largest network of filling stations that only offer renewable fuels.

Swedish RME producer and distributor Ecobränsle i Karlshamn AB has been acquired by Energifabriken AB. “The acquisition of Ecobränsle’s biorefinery in Karlshamn, which produces RME from Swedish-grown rapeseed, will be a perfect complement to our business,” said Charlotte Elander, CEO of Energifabriken (photo courtesy Bjorn-Lisinski).

According to a statement, privately held Energifabriken gains a unique position on the Swedish transportation fuel and heating oil markets. Owned by three farming families, the new company is fully integrated across the value chain – from the feedstock cultivation to the sale and distribution of biofuels.

Through the acquisition, Energifabriken can offer Sweden’s strongest distribution network for clean biofuels with 55 service stations and a broadened biofuel portfolio. The geographic spread of the two companies’ service stations complement each other well and making it easier to become climate-smart.

The driving force for Energifabriken is to make it easy, fun and profitable to use renewable. We are convinced that all renewable fuels are needed to change the transport sector. We will continue to develop the market with Neste’s HVO product Next MY, as well as high-quality RME from Adesso (previously known as Perstorp Bioproducts) in Stenungssund. The acquisition of Ecobränsle’s biorefinery in Karlshamn, which produces RME from Swedish-grown rapeseed, will be a perfect complement to our business, said Charlotte Elander, CEO of Energifabriken.

The company currently offers RME, HVO, and ED95 and on the island of Gotland, renewable fuels are sold in cooperation with Biogas Gotland. Energibränsle says that the new conditions provide a good platform to drive the development of the Swedish fuel market in a fossil-free direction.

Swedish RME producer and distributor Ecobränsle i Karlshamn was also in Jönköping at Elmia Lastbil 2018.

The RME biodiesel manufactured the Karlshamn biorefinery has “great potential for development” with increased production, new raw materials, high climate performance, and new applications.

It’s a perfect match. The companies complement each other exceptionally well. Both in terms of material assets such as filling stations and the production in Karlshamn, but also through our different positions in the marketplace. The staff appreciates the opportunities and logic of the deal, said Claes Ramel, CEO of Ecobränsle.

Energifabriken’s owners, who are also active fossil-free farmers in Östergötland, now handle the whole value chain from raw material to the production of fuel and distribution. use. Although the value of the deal has not been disclosed, with the acquisition, Energifabriken expects a turnover of SEK 1.6 billion (≈ EUR 155 million) and have 28 employees in five locations.

In combination with the increased geographic coverage, the acquisition strengthens the company’s position as a green fuel company and also provides good conditions for continued expansion in the heat and energy with renewable heating oil.

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