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Geminor to secure plastic waste for Quantafuel plants

Norway-headed Geminor AS, one of northern Europe’s largest suppliers of waste-derived fuels has announced that it has entered a cooperation agreement with compatriot plastics-to-fuel technology developers Quantafuel AS to secure deliveries of plastic waste to Quantafuel's plants for low emission fuel production.

Geminor AS has entered a cooperation agreement with Quantafuel AS to secure deliveries of plastic waste to Quantafuel’s plants for conversion into fuels (photo courtesy Geminor).

Since 2007 Quantafuel has developed and tested its own patented catalyst solution that converts plastic waste into low emission fuels and products for the petrochemical industry. The Norwegian company has previously opened a test production facility in Mexico, and in the third quarter of 2019 the first Scandinavian plant, located in Skive in Denmark, will be ready for production of diesel.

Waste plastics chemically recycled to fuel

Plastics are well suited for the production of fuel and products for the petrochemical industry.

We have developed a technology in which we produce chemicals from plastic – chemicals which in turn can be used to make new plastics. This could transform the entire industry and lead to a new focus for the waste management industry, explained Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen Chief Commercial Officer at Quantafuel.

The new cooperation sees Geminor as a main supplier ensuring that the optimal volume and quality of plastic waste are delivered to Quantafuel’s plants.

Every year, Europe has to get rid of millions of tonnes of plastic waste, so access to plastic is enormous. Our challenge is to provide a steady supply of high-quality, non-recyclable plastic waste so that the production volume is satisfactory and the end product is of good quality. It is important for us to have international access to good plastic material, and in this respect Geminor becomes an important partner, said Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen.

Quantafuel Skive first

The production plant in Skive, which will be the first of several plants in Europe, will convert up to 20 000 tonnes of plastic waste into chemical products annually. According to the plan, the annual capacity over the next few years will be increased to around 60 000 tonnes.

Quantafuel’s fuel production is groundbreaking and is an industry that we want to be part of. It will be our job to make the waste treatment companies around Europe understand the requirements of Quantafuel regarding the quality and handling of plastic waste. We look forward to contributing to the development of sustainable recycling of plastic waste, said Ralf Schopwinkel, Chief Operating Officer at Geminor.

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