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Neste's "Ham-Trick" charity fundraiser back for Christmas 2017

Like last year, this holiday season Finns are being called upon to donate the excess fat drizzling from their home-cooked Christmas hams for a good cause. Grocery stores and service stations across the country have set up 150 collection points for ham fat. The collected fat will go on to be processed and finally turned into a renewable diesel by Finland-headed oil refiner and renewable fuel producer Neste. This year the goal is to collect ham fat and grease from 100 000 households

Finns eat about 7 million kilos of ham every Christmas, which at the same time gives rise to a significant amount of waste fat and grease per household. Disposing of grease by pouring it down the kitchen sink is “a big no no” as it clogs wastewater pipes yet at the same time it is important to recycle it in an appropriate manner.

Last year, Neste together with a number of partners launched the Ham-Trick charity fundraiser which combines environmental awareness, recycling and renewable fuel production into a charitable and educational societal action. Some 40 000 Finnish households donated a total of 12 000 litres of Christmas ham waste fat and grease at the collection points. This was in turn refined to Next MY renewable diesel and the revenues from the volume of renewable diesel produced were donated to charity.

This year, the “Ham-Trick” goal is to get 100 000 Finnish households to participate and if achieved, the sum of the charity donation will rise to EUR 20 000. The charity receiving this year’s donation is Hope RF that provides support to families in need distributing items such as second-hand clothes and children’s toys. During Christmas, there is a particular need for Hope RF’s services.

Last year’s Ham-Trick was proof that Finns like recycling as long as it’s easy enough. This year, the number of collection sites has been expanded, and the goal of having 100 000 private households participating is therefore realistic, albeit ambitious. Renewable Next MY diesel is refined at our plant in Finland from the collected fat and grease. We had plans to implement this fat collection campaign for Christmas also in Sweden, but we were short on time. Hopefully, we will be able to run the campaign in Sweden next year, said Osmo Kammonen, Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Marketing, at Neste.

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