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Chubu Electric decommission units at its Atsumi and Yokkaichi power stations

Japan-headed power utility Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., has announced that it has decommissioned Unit 1 at its Atsumi Thermal Power Station and Units 1 and 2 at its Yokkaichi Thermal Power Station.

According to a statement, the company has decommissioned Unit 1, a 500 MWe oil-fired unit, at its Atsumi Thermal Power Station in Aichi Prefecture leaving the remaining two 700 MWe oil-fired units in operation.

At the Yokkaichi Thermal Power Station, a 1.245 GWe LNG-fired CCGT plant in Mie Prefecture, the company has decommissioned Unit 1 and Unit 2 each 220 MWe. Here, Chubu Electric says it will advance its development plan for the Yokkaichi facility with sights set on starting commercial operations of a previously announced biomass power plant in April 2020.

Chubu Electric has decommissioned two 220 MWe units at its LNG-fired Yokkaichi Thermal Power Station. It will build its first dedicated biomass unit at the site, a 49 MWe plant that will use PKS and wood pellets (photo courtesy Miyuki Meinaka).

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