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Constellation building 50 MW biomass CHP in partnership with P&G

US competitive energy provider Exelon Corporation subsidiary Constellation New Energy Inc (Constellation) is building a 50-megawatt biomass renewable energy plant in partnership with The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). The plant, located in Albany, Georgia, is scheduled to begin operation in June 2017.

Constellation program manager, Mats Bergquist, provides an overview of the biomass plant to guests at the facility’s groundbreaking event (photo courtesy Exelon Corp).

According to a statement, Constellation will own and operate the plant, which will supply 100 percent of the steam used to run a P&G facility that makes Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper.

The Albany plant is one of P&G’s largest paper manufacturing operations in the world. The biomass plant will also generate electricity for the local utility, Georgia Power.

Local biomass source

The plant’s fuel supply will come from locally sourced biomass that would otherwise have been left to decay, burned, or potentially sent to landfill. This includes discarded treetops, limbs, branches and scrap wood from local forestry operations, crop residuals, such as pecan shells and peanut hulls, and mill waste, such as sawdust.

The project included collaboration with the local city, county and state leaders including the Albany-Dougherty Payroll Development Authority, as well as the Georgia Public Service Commission and Georgia Power, which will purchase power at or below avoided cost from Constellation.

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