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ENCE begins boiler assembly at Huelva biomass plant

Spain-headed forest and energy major Ence Energía y Celulosa S.A (ENCE) has announced that it has begun the boiler assembly work on its new 40 MWe biomass power plant at its bioenergy complex in Huelva, southern Spain.

Boiler assembly has begun at ENCE’s new 40 MW biomass power plant currently under construction in Huelva, Spain. The plant is expected to be operational at the end of 2019 (photo courtesy ENCE).

According to a statement, the assembly of the boiler began June 20, with the first pillar and the frame of its metal structures set up. The process of assembling the structure begins hours after Gestamp Biomass Solutions (GBS), responsible of the production of the components of the boiler, made a new delivery of parts in the energy complex, which contained the modules of the pressure parts of the boiler.

Cádiz-based, GBS was awarded the ≈ EUR 15 million contracts for the water-cooled vibrating grate type boiler which includes a reheat steam cycle and flue gas filtering system. The 40 MWe capacity power plant has an installed thermal capacity of 110 MW and is scheduled to be operational at the end of 2019.

The assembly process of the pieces will be carried out by sections of ten meters, forming plants from the base, on the pillars of the foundation slab. The execution times of the construction project of the new plant, which the company is fulfilling at a good pace, require that the delivery of new components of the boiler be produced as the assembly work progresses.

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