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KPA Unicon to supply biomass-fired steam boiler plant to Chilean cartonboard mill

KPA Unicon has announced that it has been contracted to supply a biomass-fired steam boiler plant to Cartulinas CMPC cartonboard mill in Valdivia, Chile.

Originally inaugurated in 1951, the Valdivia Mill was a pioneer manufacturer of folding boxboards for the production of cases and displays in Latin America (photo courtesy Cartulinas CMPC).

Originally inaugurated in 1951, the Valdivia Mill was a pioneer manufacturer of folding boxboards for the production of cases and displays in Latin America (photo courtesy Cartulinas CMPC).

Finland-based combustion technology specialist KPA Unicon Oy has announced that it has signed a contract with Chile-based Cartulinas CMPC S.A, an affiliate of Empresas CMPC S.A. to supply a biomass-fired steam boiler to Cartulinas Valdivia Mill in Valdivia, Chile.

The contract is for the delivery of a 30 tonnes-per-hour steam boiler plant  In addition to wood chips, bark, and sawdust, the plant will use bio-sludge to produce steam for the mill’s cartonboard production process. The plant is scheduled for operational start-up in December 2018.

The contract covers all process equipment, buildings, installation supervision, commissioning and training of operating personnel. The heart of the plant is Unicon Biograte combustion technology, which is specifically designed to utilize challenging biomass fuels for energy production with high efficiency and low emissions.

– After a comprehensive project survey, Cartulinas CMPC decided, that KPA Unicon is the right choice to supply the boiler plant. The most important technological factors are efficiency and low emissions. The plant can use various kinds of biomass even with high moisture contents, said Jorge Aldana, Industrial Development and Projects Director of CMPC in a statement.

The plant will also be equipped with KPA Unicon’s PlantSys system for local and remote control. PlantSys collects data from the process equipment and makes the operation of the plant easy and reliable. It also visualizes the data in easily understandable format. PlantSys also enables a secure remote access to the plant to optimize the parameters and perform predictive analysis of future service and maintenance needs.

– Our expectation is to achieve a plant with the best standards of the market, complemented with an efficient layout and a modern building. In summary, this must be a project of excellence. Therefore, I look forward to cooperating with KPA Unicon and getting the boiler plant started up in December 2018, said Aldana

KPA Unicon will also take care of the maintenance of the plant as the parties have agreed on a 5 years maintenance contract. In addition to spare parts and local maintenance activities, the contract includes remote support service from KPA Unicon control room.

– This contract opens the Latin American market for us. We are extremely proud to take this important step together with a world class company such as CMPC. We are confident that this boiler plant will fulfill all the client’s requirements and exceeds them. This project is a good example of how challenging biofuel can be used to achieve high efficiency and low emission levels. These values are very important for CMPC and also work as guidelines for us during the project execution, said Pentti Savolainen, Project Development Director, KPA Unicon.

Operating two mills in Chile, Cartulinas CMPC S.A. manufactures and markets folding boxboard. The combined annual aggregate production capacity of the mills, located in Valdivia and Maule respectively, is 450 000 tonnes.

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