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Linka supplies first-of-a-kind biomass boiler in Sweden to Elitfönster

Denmark-headed biomass combustion technology providers Linka Energy A/S has revealed that is in the final stages of completing a first-of-its-kind biomass boiler installation in Sweden. A 3 MW boiler is replacing existing boilers at window manufacturer Elitfönster AB's heating plant in Vetlanda.

The 3 MW Linka-H biomass boiler being lifted into Elitfönster’s boiler room in Vetlanda. According to Linka Energy, the installation is a first-of-its-kind in Sweden and is expected to supply heat in September 2019 (photo courtesy Linka Energy).

According to Linka, planer shavings from window production are already used as fuel by Elitfönster in Vetlanda while the surplus residues are pressed into briquettes and sold as fuel to other industries.

However, the new 3 MW Linka-H boiler will reduce the consumption of wood residues used for heating the painting and production premises even further as it has significantly higher efficiency than the old boilers had.

In addition to better fuel efficiency, it also means that more briquettes can be sold to third party customers. The secret behind the high efficiency of the biomass boiler is, Linka says, the patented combustion technology.

A major advantage for industries with residual products in the form of shavings is that the material does not have to be compressed into pellets, or briquettes, in order to be able to be fired efficiently in the boiler.

The plant will be the first-of-its-kind in Sweden, but Linka has many such plants in operation at timber industries in Denmark. The plant is expected to produce heat from September 2019.

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