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Saxlund to supply turn-key biomass heat plant to Ljungby Energi

In Sweden, Saxlund Group AB’s subsidiary, Saxlund International Holding AB, has recently announced that it has received an award decision from municipal energy company Ljungby Energi AB for a 6 MW biomass-heat plant to be supplied on a turn-key, on-site construction, and commissioning basis.

In 2010, Hotab (now part of Saxlund Group) supplied this 4 MW biomass heat plant in Gränna on a turnkey and on-site construction basis for Jönköping Energi (photo courtesy Saxlund Group).

According to a statement on December 20, 2019, the 6 MW biomass heat plant is to be built during 2020. The contract value is estimated to be worth SEK 34 million (≈ EUR 3.25 million) and includes the construction of the plant to be carried out by Saxlund.

Saxlund and Hotab have supplied three plants to Ljungby Energi since the mid-1980s, this being our fourth. It is a turn-key facility in which Saxlund will be responsible for the plant delivery, on-site construction, and commissioning of Ljungby’s new 6 MW plant. We at Saxlund are extremely proud and happy with the confidence from Ljungby Energi, said Stefan Wallerman, CEO of Saxlund Group.

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