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Solör Bioenergi acquires Glimåkra Biovärme and Hästveda Bioenergi from Bussme Energy

In Sweden, Solör Bioenergi, part of renewable energy provider Solör Bioenergy Group has announced that it has acquired heat plants Glimåkra Biovärme and Hästveda Bioenergi from compatriot Bussme Energy AB in Skåne. The acquisition, the value of which has not been disclosed, is a step further in Solör Bioenergi's investment in expanding its renewable district heating portfolio.

On September 30, 2020, Solör Bioenergi acquired two biomass-fired district heat plants from Bussme Energy in Skåne, Sweden. Flemming Rasmussen (left), Regional Manager Solör Bioenergi Syd and  Sven Persson, CEO of Bussme Energy (photo courtesy Jerry Gladh).

Bussme Energy is a family company that since 2010 operates district heating plants in northeastern Skåne. The company has elected to divest two of its five facilities to Solör Bioenergi.

We are happy that we are selling to a stable buyer who wants to develop district heating in Glimåkra and Hästveda. Solör is already in the area, so it is positive that an actor who knows the area will take over, said Sven Persson, CEO of Bussme Energy.

Combined the district heating plants produce about 10 GWh annually and consist of woodchip-fired heat boilers that are supplied with woodchips from local suppliers. The plants supply heat to both municipal and private properties in Glimåkra and Hästveda, including schools, nursing homes, multi-family houses, and greenhouses.

Solör currently operates eight facilities in Skåne, including Hörby, Tomelilla, Broby, and Knislinge. These two facilities fit very well into our business model. That we now have the opportunity to take over these facilities from Bussme is very fortunate and another step in our continued successful expansion, said Anders Pettersson, CEO of Solör Bioenergi Fjärrvärme.

Solör Bioenergi is part of Solör Bioenergy Group, a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels. The Group has operations in 147 locations, primarily in Sweden and Norway, producing and distributing district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public enterprises, and industries.

The business also includes energy recovery of impregnated wood and the production of biomass fuels.

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