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Three new data centers with heat recovery to be built in Stockholm

In Sweden, three data center operators IP-Only AB, Interxion AB, and Advania Data Centers AB will build data centers with heat recovery for the district heating network in Stockholm. The three new data halls will be erected in Stockholm Data Park Kista in the northwest of the Swedish capital. Fully expanded, the recovered heat from the data rooms will suffice to heat the equivalent of 35 000 modern residential apartments.

Three data center operators IP-Only, Interxion, and Advania Data Centers will build data centers with heat recovery for the district heating network in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Stockholm Data Parks initiative set up by the City of Stockholm, Stockholm Exergi, Ellevio and Stokab (photos courtesy Stockholm Data Parks).

Launched in 2017, Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative by the City of Stockholm, energy utility Stockholm Exergi AB, power grid operator Ellevio AB, and dark fiber provider Stokab. The aim of the initiative is to contribute to Stockholm’s goal of becoming a fossil-free city by 2040 and by preparing and offering suitable locations for data hall investments, the city’s opportunities to recover heat from data centers increase.

In Stockholm Data Parks, the data centers get paid for their excess heat. Thanks to this business model, the designated locations for the construction of data centers and the high proportion of buildings using district heating,

Stockholm has established itself as a world leader in large-scale heat recovery from data centers. By establishing itself in Stockholm Data Parks, these data centers help to phase out the last proportion of fossil fuels in Stockholm’s heat production.

With these three establishments, all with heat recovery, a new standard is set for the data center industry. Gradually, the realization of the data hall industry is increasing that end-users expect data halls to offer sustainable solutions. Since we pay for the excess heat, the location in Stockholm Data Park is not only sustainable but also very cost-effective, which gives these companies a competitive advantage when they meet customer requirements, said Erik Rylander, Director of Stockholm Data Parks at Stockholm Exergi.

Stockholm Data Parks recently launched another location for locating data centers in Brista, near Arlanda Airport. Initially, 220 000 square meters of land are available for data hall investments with heat recovery. Work is also underway to increase the available land area by an additional 400 000 square meters.

Heat recovery from data center cooling (graphic courtesy Stockholm Data Parks).

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