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LC Energy first biomass supplier to gain GoodChips certification for woodchips

UK wood fuel heating specialists LC Energy Ltd has become the world's first company to gain GoodChips certification, the first international certification scheme for woodchips. GoodChips, the sister certification scheme of ENPlus, the world-leading pellet certification scheme, has been making its mark, working towards creating a more transparent and harmonised market for woodchips and hog fuel.

Jean-Marc Jossart (left) Secretary-General, Bioenergy Europe welcomes Lucy Clark, Operations Director LC Energy as the world's first GoodChips certified company (photo courtesy Bioenergy Europe).
Jean-Marc Jossart (left) Secretary-General, Bioenergy Europe welcomes Lucy Clark, Operations Director
LC Energy as the world’s first GoodChips certified company (photo courtesy Bioenergy Europe).

Having recently gained LC Energy, a leading UK biomass supplier as its first certified company, a turning point for the certification scheme that was launched last year by the European Biomass Association, Bioenergy Europe.

With LC Energy boasting a broad range of clientele, from homeowners to international airports, certifying an organisation such as this reinforces the scheme’s position in striving towards being the solid interface between supplier and end-user.

Quality is the key to success for the bioenergy sector and becoming a certified company enables organisations to not only gain a competitive edge on this ever-expanding marketplace but also aids in delivering demonstratable quality to all consumers by providing high class certified material.

Becoming the first certified company of GoodChips, LC Energy, strengthens itself as a quality market player in this ever-competitive arena and enhances the company’s position in delivering the best in renewable solutions to the UK bioenergy sector and demonstrating wood fuel as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Being able to evidence the quality of wood fuel against an international scheme, is of vital importance for continued growth and confidence in the bioenergy sector. The GoodChips scheme delivers credibility for both our company and biomass fuel. It provides a measurable, recognisable standard on an international scale, assuring the longevity of LC Energy and the biomass industry. As the first International Accreditation Scheme, GoodChips® will enable national partners to share knowledge and best practice to promote the importance and success of biomass in the bioenergy sector, said Lucy Clark, Operations Director, LC Energy.

Operating as a third-party scheme, GoodChips, addresses every profile of industrial producer and end-user, certifying a range of quality levels adapting to every consumer’s needs. From producer to traders, including boiler manufacturers and consumer associations, the scheme has been built to bring clarity and transparency to the marketplace; carefully and collectively crafting a response to a pressing demand from the industry.

It is now urgent that we fully decarbonise our economy and bioenergy is readily available to play a key role in this energy transition. GoodChips is a visionary scheme that understands the large trading commodity woodchips will become. Due to this there is a real need for much more standardisation and quality control along the entire supply chain in order to guarantee a reliable fuel to end users; and LC Energy has now become one of the pioneering companies in supporting this vision, said Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretary-General, Bioenergy Europe.

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