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Bio-Based World News announces acquisition of World Bio Markets

Bio-Based World News has confirmed that it has the World Bio Markets event from Green Thinking (Services) Ltd (Green Power).

Details of the announced Biokim project were revealed during the World Bio Markets conference in Amsterdam.

Bio-Based News has acquired the World Bio Markets (WBM) event from the organisers Green Power.

Bio-Based World News, a UK-headed media platform and dedicated to the bio-based sector has confirmed the acquisition of World Bio Markets event from Green Thinking (Services) Ltd (Green Power). The announcement was made today during the 12th edition of World Bio Markets (WBM) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Since launching in October 2015, Bio-Based World News, with a news website, e-zines, a quarterly magazine and community events in Europe and North America, has quickly grown to become a global community for those working in bio-based chemicals, biofuels, biomass power and sustainable and bio-based products.

The acquisition of World Bio Markets is an exciting and strategically important step not just for Bio-Based World News but for the industry as well. It’s an industry that we too have invested in, with an emphasis on quality, editorially focused content online, in our publications and at our events. We’ve committed to building long-lasting relationships with the industry’s key players and reaching out into other sectors to help showcase what bio-based can deliver. It has been fantastic growing and developing together with the industry, and the whole Bio-Based World News team are excited at the acquisition of such a well-respected and agenda-setting event, said Alex Williamson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bio-Based World News.

According to Willamson, plans for WBM 2018 will be announced shortly.

When I founded World Bio Markets in 2003, our mission was to disseminate knowledge, spread best practice and accelerate emerging bio-based technologies. So with their sector expertise, a clear passion for the industry and strong media portfolio, Bio-Based World News are perfectly placed to meet the needs of our existing clients and partners. The growth of a community that combines both media and live events offerings provides a platform to further accelerate the growth not just of World Bio Markets, but the industry as a whole. It’s an exciting time for the industry and we look forward to the continued growth and success of World Bio Markets under Bio-Based World News’ leadership, said Nadim Chaudhry, Founder and President of Green Power.

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