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ERGaR submit renewable gas scheme application to European Commission

The European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) has announced the application of the ERGaR RED scheme has been submitted to the European Commission to be recognized as a voluntary scheme under the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC. According to ERGaR, the submission represents a "critical milestone", bringing one step closer the goal of establishing a single European biomethane market thanks to an administrative system designed to facilitate cross-border transactions of renewable gasses.

Last year Italian biogas technology provider BTS Biogas commissioned it's first biomethane to grid (BtG) project in the UK.

Last year Italian biogas technology provider BTS Biogas commissioned it’s first biomethane to grid (BtG) project in the UK.

According to ERGaR, biomethane is set to play a major role in the energy sector’s transformation to a lower carbon energy future. The production of renewable gas increasing and, thanks to the ERGaR RED scheme traded cross-border in an integrated European market through the natural grids network reaching all end customer segments.

The European Renewable Gas Registry is based on the cooperation with national biogas/biomethane/renewable gas registries, covering today 10 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK.

It is built on its national renewable gas registries’ expertise to establish an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for cross-border transfer and mass balancing of renewable gas injected into the European natural gas network. ERGaR will support the establishment of such registries in every European country and will work towards incorporating all national registries into the scheme.

The concept of cross-border biomethane administration through a new voluntary scheme was developed within the BIOSURF Horizon 2020 project, an EU co-funded project. In accordance with this concept, the cooperation among the national biomethane registries issuing the biomethane Guarantees (or Proofs) of Origin has a central role in the transfer and mass-balancing of biomethane consignments along the European natural gas network.

Looking ahead, the activities of the association will intensively continue to develop further the concept in view of the evolution of the legislation related to renewable gaseous fuels, deepen the knowledge between the parties already involved and strengthen the cooperation with the new partners that will join this and the future projects.

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