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International Federation of Starch Associations launched

A new global starch association has been launched. The Starch associations of China, Europe, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and the United States (US) have jointly announced the creation of the International Federation of Starch Associations (IFSA).

Potatoes are one feedstock used as a source of starch. In Europe, approximately 60 percent of starch-based ingredients go to the food and beverage industry, and 40 percent to industrial applications mainly to the paper, cardboard, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries as a renewable alternative to fossil fuel ingredients.

Launched on October 10, 2019, the International Federation of Starch Associations (IFSA), a global consortium of starch and sweetener stakeholders, will promote “robust industry dialogue and coordination and the sharing of resources on policy advocacy.”

The new organisation will have four primary functions:

  • To share resources and coordinate on product reputation defense;
  • To share resources and coordinate on policy advocacy, including health & nutrition, workplace safety, sustainability, and environmental affairs;
  • Present common positions on product safety and nutrition issues to international organizations (e.g.World Health Organisation – WHO, international nutrition/scientific societies);
  • Provide joint representation on areas of shared interest to international standards organizations (e.g. Codex, ISO)

Shared policy priorities include health and nutrition, workplace safety, sustainability, product safety, and environmental affairs, as well as the coordination of efforts to communicate on the benefits of starch-based products.

IFSA will also aim to act as one voice towards international stakeholders such as the WHO and CODEX.

We are delighted with the launch of this Federation today, and look forward to working together with our colleagues from across the globe on the exciting innovations in our industry, as well as the shared challenges we face, said Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director, Starch Europe.

The starch industry is at the heart of food production supplying hundreds of ingredients for use in thousands of food products and animal feed. At the same time, starches play a vital role in a wide variety of products beyond food. Natural and modified food starches can be found in products and processes in the consumer products, pharmaceutical, energy, industrial and chemical sectors.

With the world beginning a gradual shift away from fossil fuels as the primary engine of economic prosperity, there will be a larger opportunity for starch producers to contribute renewable, sustainable materials through the bioeconomy.

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