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4 July was fossil independence day, today was a great hair day

In July this year, France headed "beauty major" L'Oréal Italy inaugurated "zero (fossil) carbon dioxide emissions" from its production plant in Settimo Torinese, Italy. Checking it out in the rain today made for a great hair day.

Zero fossil carbon dioxide emissions at L'Oréal Italy Settimo Torinese plant.

Zero fossil carbon dioxide emissions at L’Oréal Italy Settimo Torinese plant.

On July 4 this year, France-headed cosmetics major held an inauguration of its L’Oréal Italy Settimo Torinese plant. It was a significant moment for the company as the plant is the first of its 44 production facilities worldwide that has achieved “zero (fossil carbon) emissions”. The plant produces amongst other things various brands of shampoo, lipstick and powder products such as mascara for the European market. The project is part of its “Sharing Beauty with All“, a global sustainability plan that L’Oréal has embarked on to achieve by 2020. Launched in 2013, part of the plan is to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 60 percent compared to 2005.

– We are delighted to have completed this ambitious project. Our plant in Settimo Torinese will be now with zero emissions thanks to the use of renewable sources. This green energy has a lower cost compared to the conventional one used previously. An example of how sustainability can be good for not only the environment but also to the income statement. And how the virtuous cooperation between public and private, between companies and territory, can help companies to gain productivity with a positive impact on the communities they serve, said Cristina Scocchia, CEO of L’Oréal Italy in a press statement back then.

Today, it rained cats and dogs in Settimo Torinese, a bad hair day as I’m sure my long-haired daughters or my colleagues might have said – luckily nothing I have to worry about. Be that as it may from what could be seen and heard today is that Scocchia’s delight is anything but premature. It is a beautiful example of long term “virtuous cooperation between public and private” and, I hasten to add, it brings the best out of different renewables.

In this case solar PV on the rooftop of L’Oreal’s facility, which I understand to be one of the largest “self-production, self-consumption” installations in Italy, biomass space heating supplied via the district heat network to the facility, space cooling using said heat via an absorption chiller on site and biomethane for process steam. For L’Oréal payment by consumption in kW or Nm3 keeping an energy efficiency incentive in place.


Watch this space – for your uni confort, full onsite reports from L’Oréal and Solis will be out in a coming issue.

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