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Croatia's Bioenergy Day – wood an important renewable energy source

Bioenergy is Europe's leading renewable energy source. According to Eurostat data and calculations made by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM), bioenergy will be able to supply 11 % of the final energy consumption in 2017. An additional 7 % comes from the other renewables, while the rest (82 %) still comes from fossil fuels. In this context, for 66 days the EU can run on renewable energies, 41 days of which are supplied by bioenergy—from November 21 to the end of the year.

As an active member of AEBIOM, the Croatian Biomass Association (CROBIOM) joined the European Bioenergy Day campaign together with many national and international partners across Europe. For Croatia, the date for which bioenergy begins supplying renewable energy is already on October 28 – for a total of 65 days.

Wood a crucial renewable resource

CROBIOM, one of the leading associations in Croatia, actively contributes to the shaping of national energy policy, especially concerning renewable energy sources (RES) with a particular emphasis on energy from wood. The association has launched numerous campaigns aimed at increasing the use of RES in the domestic market and promoting their social and environmental benefits.

Renewables and bioenergy are fuels of the future and should be the main contributors to Europe’s energy transition in the shortest possible time. We must be aware that EU goals and policies on renewable energy sources will affect Croatia, and thus our members, said Raoul Cvečić Bole, president of CROBIOM.

According to Hrvatske šume d.o.o., the state-owned public enterprise for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia, the country has 2 485 611 million ha of forest and woodlands representing 37 percent of the total land area. Some 95 percent are classed as natural forest.

Broadleaved species dominant and cover 84 percent of the forested land while conifers make up the rest. Annual increment is 9,6 million m3 whereas the gross annual cut amounts to 5,4 million m3.

We’re glad we’re part of this story. The trend of energy use from wood has increased in Croatia over the years. The pellet production amounts to 260 000 tonnes per year, which is 1 percent of world production. In all cogeneration plants, about 30 MW of electricity from biomass is produced. Changes are visible and CROBIOM will continue to actively support these positions, Cvečić Bole concluded.

European Bioenergy Day

The European Bioenergy Day campaign is powered by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) and relayed across Europe by both national and international partners supporting the belief that bioenergy is more than a renewable energy source, but a reliable path that will lead Europe to achieve its renewable energy transition in the shortest span of time. The campaign will last 66 days, starting from November 21 through the end of the year. This is a symbolic date on which the European Bioenergy Day will be celebrated by organizing the European Bioenergy Future Conference, to be held in Brussels on that date.

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