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Expobiomasa 2017 set for success

To be held In Valladolid from 26 to 29 September, Expobiomasa 2017, the event organised by the Spanish Bioenergy Association (AVEBIOM), is set to bring together over 600 companies and firms in the biomass sector from 30 countries in an area of 34 000 m2. This is an increase of 30 percent over the previous edition say the organisers.

What’s not to love about Expobiomasa? Bioenergy International will be back in Valladolid to check out this year’s edition.

Since the previous edition of Expobiomasa in 2015, thermal biomass in Spain has broken records in terms of stoves and boilers installed. Even with last year’s low heating oil prices, biomass remains much more competitive and efficient. The number of units installed, which are also more and more efficient and innovative, has grown by 56 percent over the last two years.

According to Jorge Herrero, Director of Expobiomasa, the event “continues to grow with the sector not only in Spain but also across Europe thanks to the energy refurbishment of buildings and the replacement of polluting energy with clean energies. This is proving to be a formidable stimulus for the biomass sector, which continues to move forward despite low oil prices”.

He added that In Latin America too, large projects emerge each day and the level of technology and use of biomass for energy purposes is on the rise, reducing the use of fossil fuels to meet Climate Change targets.

Expobiomasa already had 600 companies and brands in its list of exhibitors spread across 34 000 m2 of exhibition area, far in excess of the targets set by AVEBIOM. With just a fortnight to showtime, the last available spaces are now being allocated.

Concurrent International Bioenergy Congress

The show is to include the 11th International Bioenergy Congress. Like the show itself, the Congress has become the technological reference for the sector in Spain. This year will see speakers who are fully involved in the digitization of their companies and pioneers insofar as they understand that society demands services and products that are more and more personalised, economic and sustainable.

This is a clear commitment by AVEBIOM to bring to the sector all the innovation available in the market and, in the coming years, it will make the work of thousands of professionals easier and much more profitable.

In addition, the seminars in the parallel program of Expobiomasa 2017 will address issues such as the new biomass installation certification, the expansion of district heating networks, the keys to the implementation of energy services, biomass energy use in African projects, the ENplus certification, expectations for biogas, the certification of Mediterranean biofuels, the biomass business in Mexico, energy refurbishment, urban regeneration, energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of buildings.

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