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Peab Asfalt launches ECO-Asfalt in Denmark

ECO-Asfalt was successfully introduced in Sweden by Peab Asfalt, a business area within the Nordic construction major Peab Group, in 2015 and in Finland earlier this year. As the first Danish asphalt producer, Peab Asfalt's plants will switch from natural gas to 100 percent certified renewable natural gas (RNG).

As the first Danish asphalt producer, Peab Asfalt’s plants will switch from natural gas to 100 percent certified renewable natural gas (RNG) by 2025. Three plants will start with RNG later this month (photo courtesy Peab).

The switch to RNG will take place on April 22, 2021, at three asphalt plants and the goal is for all seven of Peab’s facilities in Denmark to produce asphalt using certified RNG by 2025.

The concept is based on Peab Asfalt replacing fossil fuel with biofuel when drying and heating the stone material, the most energy-intensive part of the manufacturing process. In this way, the climate impact is significantly reduced, without affecting the properties of the end product.

ECO-Asfalt was first launched outside Sweden earlier this year in Lahti, Finland, and now it’s time for the next Nordic country, Denmark, where using certified RNG in production is expected to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 40 percent at the selected plants.

The transition from fossil fuels in production is the most important factor in reducing the climate impact from asphalt production. At Peab Asfalt, it is also part of a larger environmental initiative where we also work with energy efficiency, reduced production temperature, fossil-free transport, and laying and not least recycling, it saves both CO2 emissions and natural resources, said Claus Terkildsen, responsible for Peab Asfalt in Denmark.

Green gas certificate

The transition to certified RNG is based on a system with certificates, as all gas is delivered in the same network. Certified RNG means that the energy supplier is obliged to supply the purchased amount of biomethane to the grid and thereby replace the corresponding volume of natural gas.

In addition to being considered climate neutral, biomethane also contributes to a circular flow, as it is produced from organic residues. Biogas in Denmark is locally produced, upgraded into biomethane, and injected into the existing gas grid without further processing conversion or transportation.

For Peab Asfalt, this means that certified RNG is the best fossil-free choice in Denmark when manufacturing ECO-Asfalt.

By buying certified biogas, we want to help drive development forward among energy suppliers and accelerate the transition to a fossil-free society, Claus Terkildsen said.

The certification also provides traceability with regard to the origin of the raw material used for the production of biogas and for the overall environmental impact of the entire chain.

The initiative is an important step towards Peab’s goal, to be climate neutral by 2045.

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