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Enviva Partners reports minimal Hurricane Florence damage

US-based Enviva Partners, LP (Enviva), the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, has reported that its facilities in North Carolina (NC) have incurred only minor damage resulting from Hurricane Florence's landfall.

Enviva’s Port of Wilmington Terminal on the Cape Fear River. has two wood pellet storage domes with capacities of 45 000 tonnes each are built to withstand severe weather conditions (photo courtesy Enviva Partners).

According to a statement, substantial preparation in advance of Hurricane Florence’s landfall to keep employees safe and minimize disruption, including proactively idling operations at its Enviva Pellets Sampson wood pellet production facility in Sampson County, North Carolina (NC) and its Wilmington deep-water marine terminal in the North Carolina State Ports Authority’s (NCSPA) Port of Wilmington.

Based on initial assessments, the Sampson facility and Wilmington Terminal have not incurred significant wind or water damage. The 500 000 per annum Sampson plant has restarted operations and Enviva believes its the terminal will be able to begin receiving pellets later this week, subject to approval from the NCSPA and other relevant authorities to reopen the Port of Wilmington.

With challenges in the NCSPA’s Port of Wilmington and the surrounding region due to flooding and residual effects of the storm, Enviva expects modest impacts to its shipments from its Wilmington Terminal and will continue to assess any temporary impact on its operations.

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