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Rekom joins RDF Export Industry Group

Norway-headed Rekom AS, a municipal and inter-municipal owned waste management and services company has announced that it has recently joined the RDF Export Industry Group as one of the 26 European members within the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) industry sector.

A consignment of baled refuse derived fuel (RDF), a generic term used to describe waste from municipal or commercial sources that are residual (i.e. non-recyclable mixed waste) and that has undergone some processing that allows it to be burnt as a fuel to produce energy in an energy-from-waste (EfW) facility. This processing can range from minimal sorting to more complex mechanical and/or biological treatment (photo courtesy Rekom).

Formed in January 2015,  the aim of the RDF Export Industry Group is to provide a platform for the industry to communicate its work to third parties including the government and other key stakeholders in the form of reports, presentations and other communications material. Members include several major waste management contractors and operators both from across Europe.

During its first two years, the group has explored and addressed issues surrounding RDF export from the UK and related topics. This work includes a market report with evidenced-based information which considers legal, environmental and economic issues relating to RDF export.

This is an excellent opportunity for Rekom to be more connected with the European RDF market as well as to strengthen relationships with existing European customers, commented Marcos Arizti, Business Development Manager Europe at Rekom.

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