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Swoods to double pellet capacity in Belarus

Estonia-headed wood processing technology provider AS Hekotek has revealed that it has been selected by Swoods Export FLLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Lithuania-headed chipboard and furniture manufacturer VMG Group, to supply sawmilling and wood pellet production equipment for a capacity increase at Swoods integrated production facility in Borisov, Minsk Oblast, Belarus.

In August 2015, Swedish energy utility Uddevalla Energi inaugurated its wood pellet plant that was supplied by Hekotek.

According to Hekotek, equipment for the sawmill includes log sorting line, log feeding equipment to the sawline, combined sawn timber sorting line for green and dry material and sawing residue handling conveyors. Debarking equipment and a new sawline will be supplied by Finland-headed technology suppliers and Hekotek partners, Valon Kone and Veisto, respectively.

The first delivery of the sawmill equipment is planned for May-June 2016 with start-up scheduled for the end of the year. With the new equipment, an additional 150 000 m3 of sawmilling capacity is added bringing the total annual log processing capacity to 540 000 m3.

The existing 30 000 tonne-per-annum integrated pellet plant, which was supplied and commissioned by Hekotek in early 2015, ensured both the utilization of sawmill residues and the economical usage of the site. With a capacity increase pending for the sawmill, a decision was made to make additional investments in doubling the capacity of the pellet plant to 60 000 tonnes per annum.

Hekotek was awarded the contract for the complete delivery of the plant equipment, installation, and start-up. This includes conveyors and other components, a drum dryer and bark-burning furnace and pelleting equipment, the latter to be supplied by CPM Europe.

The value of the orders has not been disclosed.

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