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Port of Rotterdam Authority renews clean fuel and energy deal with VARO

Port of Rotterdam Authority renews clean fuel and energy deal with VARO
Boudewijn Siemons (left), CEO and interim COO Port Authority, and Ben van Kol, Director, VARO Energy Bunkering. In the background; Sacha Konan, Director Benelux & France, VARO Energy; Robert de Jong, Key Account Manager, VARO Energy; Jaap van Dalen, Business Manager, Port Authority; Bob Hervij, Asset Manager, Port Authority; and Huub van Rossum, Manager Procurement, Port Authority (photo courtesy Roger Waleson).

In the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has announced that it will continue using clean fuel and energy for its vessels and emergency power facilities, such as radar stations, and as a result, has signed a new agreement with VARO Energy Group.

In the Port Authority’s tender process for the cleanest usable energy carrier, VARO’s products came out best.

Since 2018, the Port of Rotterdam has been using VARO’s HVO100 for its fleet. This biofuel is a 100 percent Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil made entirely from sustainable materials and reduces the fleet’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 89 percent compared to conventional diesel fuel.

The biofuel can be mixed with conventional diesel in any ratio and is suitable – without modifications – for all current diesel engines. For this reason, HVO is a very accessible and cost-efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s policy is to transition gradually to emission-free vessels from 2025 forward.

The supplier was therefore presented with the challenge to brainstorm about providing different forms of fuels and oils, also in light of the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s air quality goals.

This could include alternative energy carriers such as hydrogen, methanol, biofuel, and other synthetic fuels.

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