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Re-Match, Geminor to expand artificial turfs recycling

Re-Match, Geminor to expand artificial turfs recycling
Re-Match is a leading recycler of artificial turf pitches in Europe (photo courtesy Geminor).

The Danish artificial turf recycler Re-Match A/S has extended and expanded its cooperation with Norway-headed resource management and trading company Geminor AS which will now become a logistics partner for the supply of Re-Match’s new recycling plants in France and the Netherlands.

The Herning-headed recycling company has since 2013 been a leading recycler of artificial turf pitches in Europe.

Last year, Re-Match opened its second factory in Tiel in the Netherlands, and more recently, its third facility in Erstein outside of Strasbourg in France.

According to Kasper Thomsen, Operations Director at Geminor, this development is the basis for the expanded cooperation between Re-Match and Geminor.

We have for a decade assisted Re-Match within logistics, managing transport and export permits (TFS) for old artificial turf pitches that are worn out. We have also assisted with offtake for the residual plastics that cannot be recycled. We will in the coming year provide more volumes of up to 10-year-old artificial turf from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and other EU countries to the new recycling factories in Tiel and Erstein. There is a growing number of European artificial turfs that need to be diverted from landfills, making this a valued assignment and partnership for Geminor, said Kasper Thomsen.

Old turfs become new products

Re-Match offers an environmentally sustainable recycling process and has recycled more than 160,000 tonnes of waste turfs during its 11 years in operation.

The output from the recycling factories consists of dry and sieved materials that are 99 percent clean and ready to be reused in products within automotive and furniture – but also in new artificial turfs.

We have been partners since both companies were quite modest in size, and we have grown together within the recycling industry. Currently, Re-Match needs well-functioning cooperation to deal with the big challenges that old artificial turfs represent today, and we are therefore very pleased to have Geminor as a partner in this growing recycling operation, said Dennis Andersen, Founder of Re-Match,

He is pleased to see the cooperation with Geminor being expanded.

Every year, Europe needs to replace 4,500 artificial turfs, which constitutes about 1 million tonnes of waste. At present, Re-Match can handle about 620 of these artificial turfs. We hope to increase our capacity in the time to come but there will still be an urgent need to increase the material recycling of artificial turfs within the EU, concluded Dennis Andersen.

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