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Göteborg Energi winds down GoBIGas 1 project in advance

The project GoBiGas 1, Göteborg Energi's demonstration facility in Gothenburg, Sweden for large-scale production of biogas through gasification of forest raw materials, has formally been terminated according to a decision taken by municipal energy utility's Board of Directors on March 28.

Göteborg Energi's Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project (GoBiGas) is the world’s largest woody biomass gasification demonstration project.

Göteborg Energi’s Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project (GoBiGas) is the world’s largest woody biomass gasification demonstration project.

According to a statement, the Board of Directors of Göteborg Energi decided to terminate the project in advance in a bid to reduce the financial impact of the plant which was put up for sale in April 2017.

Over the last year, we have been working hard to find another funding / new owner of GoBiGas. Discussions have been held with a number of stakeholders, but we have not reached an agreement within the framework we can accept. In view of the major financial impact of GoBiGas on the Group’s operations and after the company’s dialogue with the Swedish Energy Agency, Management and the Board have decided to terminate the project in advance. This will also be formalized with an application to the authority, said Alf Engqvist, CEO of Göteborg Energi.

However, Göteborg Energi stresses that from a technical perspective the project has made significant progress and demonstrated good results.

As we finish the project, we will take along the significant progress and good results we have achieved in gasification technology and biogas. I am convinced that these will be a major asset and mean a lot to the energy industry and society’s work towards sustainable energy supply, said Elisabeth Undén, Chair of Board, Göteborg Energi.

Although the plant will discontinue as a biomass gasification plant, the plant infrastructure enables it to play a future role in city’s energy supply.

The decision of the Board means that we will discontinue the current operations and operations of GoBiGas. As we see that there is a lot going on in the energy industry that affects the development of our future energy solutions, we plan to conserve the plant and maintain it while dimensioning the energy supply to a rapidly growing Gothenburg. In connection with GoBiGas, we have a well-functioning infrastructure that allows the plant, in whole or in part, to play an important role in the city’s future energy supply, said Alf Engqvist.

Staff at Göteborg Energi affected by the decision will be taken care of in accordance with the company’s routines for staff relocation.

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