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Cross-Solent ferry operator to trial biofuel blends

UK-based 'Original Isle of Wight ferry operator' Red Funnel has announced that it has teamed up with Green Biofuels plc to trial Green D+ biofuel on its ro-pax fleet of ships which operate between Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Formed in 1861, Red Funnel has evolved into a modern cross Solent ferry operator and travel and leisure company based in Southampton, UK (photo courtesy Red Funnel Group).

The trial use of biofuels is one of a number of new initiatives Red Funnel is taking to significantly reduce its environmental footprint. Unlike other alternative energy sources, switching to biofuel incurs no major infrastructure changes and we are confident that the trial will deliver a reduction in SOx and NOx emissions, said Mark Slawson, Fleet and Technical Director at Red Funnel.

Green D+ fuel is formulated by Green Biofuels using a patented performance additive based on cerium oxide to a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) renewable diesel. The HVO is produced in Europe by Finland-headed oil refiner and renewable fuel producer Neste Oyj from a variety of waste and residue materials such as used cooking oil (UCO) and waste fats from the food processing industry) as well as vegetable oils.

We are delighted to be working with Red Funnel and aim to help them make the routes to and from the Isle of Wight one of the world’s cleanest, in terms of emissions. We hope this marks the start of a new, long-term relationship between our two companies, at the start of what we see as a new era in fuel provision. Our fossil-free fuel, Green D+, burns cleaner than regular diesel, and we are sure that once the trials are complete, it will have demonstrated its value, and Red Funnel will help lead the charge towards cleaner fuels, said Magnus Hammick, COO, Green Biofuels.

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