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ECB Brazil ships biodiesel to Europe

A shipment of 3.6 million liters of biodiesel from Brazil is scheduled to arrive soon at the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Destined for the European Union (EU) biodiesel blending market, the shipment is being handled by ECB Brazil and left the JBS Biodiesel production unit in Lins, in the interior of São Paulo, before passing through the Port of Paranaguá, in the State of Paraná.

A shipment of 3.6 million liters of biodiesel from Brazi is scheduled to arrive soon at the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands (photo courtesy ECB Brazil).

Previously known as Varo Commerce, Import and Export Ltda, a subsidiary that belonged to the Dutch Varo Group it was acquired in 2019 by the Brazilian company ECB Holding SA. Located in São Paulo, ECB Brazil Commerce, Import and Export Ltda is engaged in the export of various products such as biodiesel, glycerin, ethanol, and other agricultural products.

We are always attentive to good opportunities so that we can offer the products to our customers, from the origin to their final destination regardless of the country. At this moment, the exchange rate issue, as well as the opportunity to supply one of our European customers, provided an interesting price window for the biofuel, commented Manfred Wefers, Commercial Manager of ECB Group Brasil, adding that the Group has a business office in Geneva, Switzerland, responsible to the relationship in the European and Asian markets.

ISCC certified

JBS’s biodiesel division has been certified by International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) since 2014 and is qualified to export to European countries.

We are always evaluating market opportunities and JBS is internationally recognized for its sustainable production profile and the high quality of its biodiesel, which meets the highest standards. These characteristics contributed to positioning us competitively in the foreign market, said Alexandre Pereira, Director of JBS Biodiesel,

The exported biodiesel will be blended with fossil diesel and serve the European consumer market. Wefers pointed out that for this type of business there is also a need to be specialized in liquid product logistics.

We are attentive to all stages of logistics, maintaining all necessary care so that the products reach their final destination within the specification and deadline that was negotiated, Manfred Wefers said.

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