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EnviTec Biogas and Bauer complete first joint CNG expansion project

Germany-headed biogas technology suppliers and plant operators EnviTec Biogas AG has announced that it has completed the first expansion project for compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station since entering into a partnership with compatriot Bauer Kompressoren GmbH.

Representatives from politics and industry joined the official inauguration on February 3, 2020, of the expanded GVG Hürth CNG/bioCNG filling station in North Rhine-Westphalia (photo courtesy EnviTec).

The partnership between this long-established supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) plant components and EnviTec Biogas dates back to 2017. After two successful projects together in France, the two partners celebrated the completion of an expansion project for a German CNG natural gas filling station in Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Opened in 1995 by operator GVG Hürth, this gas filling station needed a new compressor. One key challenge was integrating the new equipment into the existing system. Alongside the integration of a new compressor, a second fuel pump has also been set up that offers fuel nozzles for both heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) and cars.

To ensure we can meet rising demand, we worked with Bauer to plan for a compressor with a capacity of around 20 000 kg per month. With a technical equipment building and a connection to an existing compressor already in place, the package of planning work we handled here for Bauer and the customer was much more extensive than usual, explained Stefan Laumann, Head of Gas Upgrading at EnviTec.

After successful calibration and official TÜV approval for the tank facility in Hürth, located in the Cologne metropolitan area, cars and trucks can now also refuel with biomethane as bioCNG. Four waste collection trucks are now using the filling station every day.

As an agile and innovative mid-sized enterprise, EnviTec Biogas is using its ‘Drive Biogas’ concept to support policies aimed at achieving the transition to sustainable transport. The aim is to further improve the market penetration of bioCNG, leveraging on the powerful yet energy-efficient high-pressure systems, and outstanding global reputation offered by EnviTec’s business partner Bauer.

With ‘Drive Biogas’, we’ve worked with Bauer to develop an innovative business model that is promoting the use of biomethane as a fuel for the transport sector, said Jörg Fischer, CFO, EnviTec.

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