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Gas focus for IVECO at Elmia Lastbil

In Sweden, Italy-headed engine, truck, and bus major IVECO, a CNH Industrial company, showcased its range of LNG and CNG powered vehicles at Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping, the largest trucking event in the Nordics.
"The pressure on diesel is mounting: public opinion has turned against it. EU institutions and national governments are introducing policies and subsidies to support the conversion of fleets to environmentally friendly technologies," commented Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President.

The IVECO CNG/LNG commercial vehicle range at Elmia Lastbil – Eurocargo (left), Stralis NP 460 and Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, the first CNG with an 8-speed automatic transmission in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment.

IVECO is no stranger to LNG and CNG vehicle powertrains – the company says it is the world’s first manufacturer of commercial vehicles that “predicted the potential” of natural gas over 20 years ago, and, has “used this foresight” to develop a complete range of natural gas-driven trucks, trucks, and buses.

Whilst other commercial vehicle majors have since launched gas-powered vehicles, IVECO is still the only manufacturer offering a complete range of gas-powered models, and has thus far sold more than 25 000 gas vehicles.

Stralis, IVECO’s long-haul star

According to IVECO, by using gas as a transportation fuel, emissions reductions of more than 90 percent for NOx, 99 percent for particulate matter (PM) and 95 percent carbon dioxide (CO2) with biomethane compared to fossil diesel can be achieved.

At Elmia Lastbil, the largest trucking event in the Nordic region, IVECO showcased its LNG and CNG-powered vehicle range that are available today as a viable alternative to diesel-fuelled vehicles including the recently launched Stralis NP 460, the first gas-powered truck on the market specially designed for long-distance freight.

Officially launched in the UK in July 2018, Stralis NP 460 is on a global IVECO promotional roadshow with IAA Commercial Vehicles (IAA) in Hanover, Germany perhaps the main showcase arena for a global audience. The heavy duty vehicle (HDV) offers a wide range of long and short-range tank combinations, right or left-hand mounting, LNG or CNG so that the vehicle can be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

For standard trucks, the LNG tanks are available in three sizes. In this way, the vehicle can be adjusted so that enough space can be created on the chassis for the equipment required by the assignment. The small tanks leave one meter of space where components such as tanker compressors can be mounted, or the left tank can be omitted to accommodate the installation of larger components or for weight-sensitive tasks.

We can even offer both LNG and CNG on the same truck. Of course, this means the total mileage range is reduced compared to an LNG only configuration but is an option for hauliers that operate in regions where one or other refueling option is limited. The Stralis NP 460 offers the widest possible flexibility and opens up for virtually unlimited design possibilities for customization, explained Marcus Torin, Key Accounts Manager, Iveco Sweden AB.

According to IVECO, recent real driving conditions tests conducted by European trade publications have confirmed that the diesel Stralis XP is in the top rankings in its category for fuel consumption and that when it comes to natural gas technology, the Stralis NP is the absolute winner.

The Stralis NP 460 (left) in a single-fuel version with double LNG tanks has a range of up to 1 600 km.

The Stralis NP 460, in a single-fuel version with double LNG tanks, has a range of up to 1 600 km and delivers a performance that is equal to an equivalent diesel truck, with the advantage of exceptionally low fuel consumption. It uses up to 15 percent less fuel, which added to the lower cost of natural gas compared to diesel, results in significant savings.

Furthermore, unlike its diesel counterpart, it does require urea, which reduces running costs further. Together with the long service intervals of 90 000 km, these deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of 9 percent compared to a diesel truck.

Expanding European LNG infrastructure

For logistics operators mulling fleet conversion, a fast-expanding LNG distribution network, supported by European Commission initiatives such as the Blue Corridors Project and government incentives introduced across Europe to encourage the widespread use of natural gas and biomethane in transport weighs in.

The network today covers the main European freight routes with over 150 refuelling stations and is expected to reach more than 300 stations by the end of 2018. This development is accompanied by an increase in the production and transport capacity of LNG to meet the growing demand.

The Cursor 13 NP engine in IVECO’s new long-haul star, Stralis NP 460, is protected by two FPT Industrial patents: the first is the proprietary knock control that makes it possible to increase the performance, enables the widest fuel compatibility, and protects the engine and three-way catalyst from misfiring. The second one is a proprietary reactive air-flow control management system, a new stoichiometric ratio control logic that is applied during gearshifts. This ensures a continuous torque delivery during AMT gearshifting, which enables maximised performance and the fastest gearshift.

According to IVECO several fleet operators have already converted to natural gas with the Stralis NP – such as “early adopter” Perrenot, and most recently, Vega Trans, FERCAM, Primafrio and DHL Freight.

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