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Geminor open new Swedish storage facility to meet seasonal demand

To support a three-year supply agreement with Fortum, one of Sweden’s largest energy recovery businesses, Norway-headed Geminor one of northern Europe’s largest supplier of waste-derived fuels, has opened a dedicated solid recovered fuel (SRF) storage hub in Huddinge, Stockholm.

The hub will service the Högdalen combined heat and power (CHP) plant (photo courtesy Fortum Värme).

Located in close proximity to Fortum Heat’s Högdalen combined heat and power (CHP) facility, the 4 500 m2 hub will be used to stockpile up to 10 000 tonnes of SRF feedstock at any one time, imported from both the UK and Norway.

During the cold winter months, this reserve fuel will act to bolster nearly 30 000 tonnes of SRF material already being sent to the Fortum facility by Geminor and set to increase to 60 000 tonnes from 2018, by providing additional feedstock volumes when needed most.

Thanks to our new storage facility in Huddinge, we can stockpile SRF materials in the summer and supply feedstock on demand during the winter. For Fortum, this provides supply security, ensuring that the facility can run at maximum efficiency throughout the colder months – an important, added-value service, said Joel Lidenmark, Logistics Manager for Sweden.

With specialist bale breaking equipment, materials stored on site can be effectively separated ahead of transport from the hub, ensuring simple delivery straight to the boiler door. Strong logistics links mean supply can precisely meet demand, overcoming challenging seasonality issues.

However, running the storage facility also comes with a number of legislative hurdles. For example, we can only store each bale for a maximum of 12 months. What’s more, each tonne of SRF must be accounted for, requiring comprehensive paperwork to be completed and circulated to the authorities once recovered. Meticulous planning and attention to detail is therefore essential to the smooth running of the facility. Fortunately, our expertise is perfectly placed to deliver this, said Lidenmark.

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