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Gibson Energy signs long-term terminal services deal with Suncor Energy

Canada-based oil infrastructure company Gibson Energy Inc. has announced that it has entered into a long-term agreement with compatriot Suncor Energy Inc. (Suncor) for services at Gibson’s Edmonton Terminal in Alberta and the related sanction of an expansion to support the blending and loading of third-party biofuels for Suncor.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta (AB), Gibson Energy’s Edmonton Terminal is comprised of approximately 1.7 million barrels of storage. It is strategically located in “Pipeline Alley” near two major refineries as well as the origin of two major export pipelines one of the key energy-transportation hubs in Canada (photo courtesy Gibson Energy).

As part of the agreement, all existing assets at the Edmonton Terminal currently contracted with Suncor will be combined into a single Master Services Agreement (MSA). Under the MSA, Gibson will receive a fixed fee for the use of its assets, which currently represent the majority of third-party revenues at the Edmonton Terminal.

The MSA also contemplates the potential future sanction of additional infrastructure at the Edmonton Terminal on a similar fixed-fee basis under a 25-year term.

Gibson has also sanctioned the construction of the Biofuels Blending Project at its Edmonton Terminal under a 25-year term. The additional infrastructure will be used to facilitate the storage, blending, and transportation of renewable diesel. The project will contribute to at least half of Gibson’s 2021 growth capital expenditures being ESG positive.

We are very pleased to announce a long-term agreement with Suncor, a respected senior Canadian integrated customer, at our Edmonton Terminal. This agreement demonstrates the importance of our infrastructure to our customers over the long term, and how our asset base can help support energy transition and the changing needs of our customers while providing attractive growth opportunities for Gibson. Also, with the addition of the Biofuels Blending Project, over two-thirds of the company’s target CA$200 million in growth capital in 2021 has been fully sanctioned said Steve Spaulding, President and CEO of Gibson Energy.

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