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Nature Energy acquires nine filling stations from HMN Natural Gas to become Denmark's largest operator

In Denmark, biogas producer NGF Nature Energy A/S has announced that it has acquired nine gas refueling stations from HMN Natural Gas A/S and is now the absolute largest player on the domestic gas transportation fuel market. The potential for biomethane in the transport sector is tremendous, and Nature Energy hopes that politicians will change the taxes, which are higher on biogas than on diesel.

Nature Energy A/S has acquired nine gas refueling stations from HMN Natural Gas A/S. Operating 15 out of 18 filling stations in Denmark, Nature Energy is the largest player on the domestic gas transport fuel market (photo courtesy Nature Energy).

According to Nature Energy, biogas should play a key role in the fight to make the transport sector – especially heavy transport – far more climate-friendly. These are among the main reasons why one of the world’s largest producers of biogas, Nature Energy, has purchased nine gas refueling stations from HMN Natural Gas. The deal means that Nature Energy now owns 15 of the 18 gas filling stations in Denmark.

We want to make the green transport business area bigger, which is why we are now consolidating ourselves so that we own far more gas filling stations. This means that we can increasingly raise green and CO2-neutral biogas to play a leading role in the fight to make cars, trucks, and buses green. Here biogas is the best and cheapest alternative to diesel, said Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy.

The six gas filling stations already owned by Nature Energy are located in Aalborg, Silkeborg, Fredericia, Vejle, and two in Sønderborg. Except for the one in Aalborg, all gas filling stations are public and thus accessible to all types of vehicles.

We are all talking about how to make the transport sector greener, but the development is stalling, and only one in a hundred buses and trucks in Denmark are driving green. We must have done something about this immediately because the green change cannot wait, said Ole Hvelplund.

At HMN Natural Gas, both Chairman of the Board Ole Bjørstorp and CEO Susanne Juhl are pleased that sales of the gas filling stations as part of the company’s liquidation have now fallen into place.

In line with the government’s goal of an ambitious and sustainable green conversion, it has been important for HMN Natural Gas to find a buyer who will continue to operate the gas filling stations. We are pleased with the sale to Nature Energy that has the strength to use them to make the transport sector greener. It is important that a major player like Nature Energy takes responsibility and promises the potential of greening the transport sector, said Ole Bjørstorp, Mayor of Ishøj, which is one of the 57 municipalities that own HMN Natural Gas.

The nine gas filling stations that Nature Energy takes over from HMN Natural Gas are located in Frederikshavn, Aalborg, Holstebro, Tarm, Søborg, Frederikssund, Copenhagen Airports and two in Skive and most were commissioned in 2014. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed.

With the sale of HMN Gas refueling stations, we are “on track ”with regard to implementing the ownership strategy decided by HMN Naturgas’ representative board in 2017. We have already sold HMN Naturgas and most recently the subsidiary HMN GasNet, which was sold to Energinet. We will continue to work on implementing the strategy, which will eventually lead to the liquidation of the HMN Group, said Susanne Juhl.

Nature Energy believes that the purchase of the gas stations is a clear signal to the politicians in Christiansborg.

With this purchase, we show that we firmly believe that green gas is a major part of the solution when it comes to the green transformation of the transport sector. We can see that in the great demand from municipalities, hauliers, and companies, and we are ready to build even more gas filling stations. It just requires politicians to adjust diesel and biogas taxation accordingly and as quickly as possible. It is a low hanging fruit that will benefit Denmark’s green conversion immediately, said Ole Hvelplund.

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