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Södra pledges fossil free transport by 2030

Last year Södra declared that it would be fossil free by 2030. Strengthening that goal Södra has accepted the challenge from Fossil Free Sweden to have fossil-free transportation by 2030.

Södra has pledged fossil-free transports by 2030. It's own haulage fleet of 24 trucks runs on HVO (photo courtesy Södra).

Södra has pledged fossil-free transports by 2030. Its own haulage fleet of 24 trucks runs on HVO (photo courtesy Södra).

– Fossil fuel independence and a climate positive business are high on Södra’s agenda. Therefore, it is natural for us to take on the challenge of Fossil Free Sweden and we hope that many others will follow, said Henrik Brodin, Project Manager for a Fossil-Free Södra in a statement.

Efforts to achieve “fossil freedom” within the Swedish forest owners association and industry major Södra is in full swing. Steps have already been taken. For example, many of Södra’s facilities only refuel their work vehicles with HVO diesel just like Södra’s own haulage company that has a 24 truck fleet.

– As part of a Green Economy, we want to help drive the change toward a fossil-free society. Our business has so much to offer society in terms of variety within the bioeconomy. We are therefore constantly looking for opportunities to deliver future solutions, said Henrik Brodin.

Södra’s “fossil freedom” sustainability goal means that Södra will have a fossil-free production by 2020 and fossil-free transport by 2030. It is one of Södra’s 15 sustainability goals and equated with the financial objectives. Södra is also a participant in “Fossilfritt Sverige” (Fossil-free Sweden).

About Fossil-free Sweden

Fossil-free Sweden (Fossilfritt Sverige) is a platform for dialogue and collaboration between companies, municipalities and other stakeholders to make Sweden free of fossil fuels. The initiative brings together the knowledge and the will of all sectors of society and aims to showcase climate change mitigation work around the country.

The goal is for Sweden to become one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare countries. Fossil-free Sweden is working to accelerate the transformation not only because it is possible but also because it is profitable.

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