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World’s largest biogas powered double-decker bus fleet now operational

With the delivery of its 53rd biogas bus, the world’s largest fleet of biogas double-decker buses is now fully operational in Nottingham, UK. The engines and chassis of the new buses have been developed by Sweden-headed truck, bus and engine manufacturer Scania with bodywork by UK-firm Alexander Dennis Ltd.

With the delivery of its 53rd biogas bus from Scania, Nottingham City Transport (NCT) in the UK now operates the world’s largest fleet of biogas double-decker buses (photo courtesy Scania).

This represents an important milestone for Nottingham City Transport and Scania as we together look to drive the shift towards a more sustainable transport future. We are sure that many other public transport operators around the UK will now look to follow Nottingham’s lead, said Mark Oliver, Scania UK Bus & Coach Fleet Sales General Manager.

Cleaner, smoother ride

With all 53 of Nottingham City Transport’s (NCT) biogas double-decker buses now in use, over 3 500 tonnes less carbon dioxide (CO2), 35 tonnes less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 750 kg’s less particulate matter (PM) will be emitted each year from the fleet compared to fossil diesel fuel, delivering significant improvements to local air quality in Nottingham.

As well as being the greenest buses on the road, customers travelling on the biogas buses enjoy a smoother, quieter ride and are able to keep their devices fully charged with USB charging points on board and free 4G Wi-Fi.

With plans for further orders of biogas double deck buses and to convert 185 existing buses to the latest Euro 6 emission standards, Nottingham City Transport is on track to reduce emissions by 90 percent by 2020.

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